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Gallery » Luposta - Ronny van Waardhuizen » Letter from Russia to Königsberg by Luposta Zeppelin

Double Stamping Luposta, Russia.
Zeppelin flight of the Exhibit, Russia. Double Stamping Luposta 1932, Danzig.

Letter from Russia with additional German stamps; Moscow on-board post office 30.7.32 - outwart trip Danzig, with airmail to Königsberg.
Fräulein Elisabeth Böhnke.
Königsberg im Preussen.
Beethovensrasse Nr. 44.

Reverse side with a second Zeppelin postmark, arrival postmark Danzig, with a 4 Pf. added for under-franking (1.46 instead of 1.50 RM.) - the charity stamp (6.4. Pf.) calculated for 10 Pf.

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