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Gallery » Danzig Report 149 - October, November, December 2010 » Syncopated Perfs on Coiled Stamps

The Next Step - Syncopated Perfs on Coiled Stamps.

Detail of Braveman Cover from page 9.

Final page of Bill Ruh's artickle: "Danzig enters the Age of Automation - Part One".
Part 2 will continue in a future Danzig Report.
Below is the "Business End" of the subject cover, highlighted on the next page.

My Proudest Moment in Philately - Bill Ruh:
Notes--re. Cover: discribed on next page . . .
The "Aus dem Briefkasten" handstamp that was applied at Danzig Post Office 5, the typed "Einschreiben" with no return address, the original postage of two 2 1-Mark penalty postage for the 800-Mark registtration cost. With the sender unknown , it would be impossible to send the letter back with a "Zurück" marking and return it to the sender. Instead, the blue crayon mark "1600" and the Danzig postage due stamps will be paid by the receiver of the letter.
Time of departure at P.O. 5, was on the 24th November, 1922, who also applied the registration label. More details in the text.
This was a cover that was loaded with interesting features, lying in wait for the knowledgeable philatelist to come and rumble! Wow! Thanks Bill.

Danzig Report Nr. 149 - 2010, page 11.

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