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Gallery » Danzig Report 6 - November, December 1975 » BALKANFAHRT (Flight to the Balkans)


The next flight took place unexpectedly and was caused by the sudden death of the German Foreign Minister, Dr. Stresemann. Instead of the planned trip: Silesia-Berlin-East Prussia, the Graf Zeppelin started On:

BALKANFAHRT  -  -  Flight over the Balkans

Start:                                  October 15, 1929 @ 2O26 o’clock Friedrichehafen
Landing:                           October 17, 1929 @ 21:05 o’clock “
Duration of flight:         48 hours, 39 minutes.
Transported:                  (Post closing in Danzig V: October 12, 1929) 7 Letters, 19 Cards
Dropped over Bucharest:    Card- ? Letter- ?
Dropped over Breslau:         Card- 10 RM Letter- 20 RM

According to the official announcement, the mail of this trip was dropped over Bucharest and Breslau. The Breslau mail pieces received the simple arrival cancellation: “Breslau I 17.10.29. 10-11 o’clock A.M.” At the time of this copy deadline, it is not known to me if letters exist with a Roumanian arrival cancellation. I request to see any available pieces as I presume that only passenger mail was dropped over Bucharest. In behalf of the air ship, the transportation confirmation reads the same as on the Hollandfahrt: “Mit Luftschiff GRAF ZEPPELIN befordert” of equal size and color.

Figure 15: Card intended for Balkans flight of October 15, but, due to late arrival at Friedrichshafen, was added to the Böblingen flight.


Danzig Report   Nr. 6 – November - December - 1975, Page 13.

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