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Hansekogge Peter von Danzig

One of the most bizarre stories from a most bizarre city is that of the ship pictured in this stamp. The original Peter von Danzig was built about 1460, but it was first known as La Roche, a large Caravel, in its native France. She sailed to Danzig with a load of salt, and, while in port, she was struck by lightning on the main mast and destroyed. While in drydock, the ship was taken over by the city of Danzig. It was then refitted as a privateer and used against the British during the Hanseatic War between Germany and England, 1469-1474. The Peter von Danzig was put into action under the command of Paul
Beneke, whose exploits were celebrated by the naming of a street and the youth hostel on the Bischofsberg after him. A noted voyage saw the ship seizing the Hans Memling painting of The Last Judgement, which hung in the Marienkirche until WW-2. These small ships, about 12 x 52 meters in beam & length, were about the size of Columbus’ ships and were very difficult to maneuver in battle or rough seas. However, the caravel design greatly influenced shipbuilding in the Hanseatic League, and the construction of the first caravel with three masts began in Danzig in 1473. Dr. Lienau of the Technical High School researched and illustrated Michel #288.

 *- The Peter von Danzig has a mast raised by the Krantor during its outfitting as a privateer. 


Danzig Report  Nr. 88 - July - August - September - 1995, Page 10.

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