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Gallery » Danzig Report 68 - July, August, September 1990 » Langgasse - Its Seen It All



Editor: John H. Bloecher Jr., 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21207

Langgasse — It’s Seen It All

Fifty—one years have passed since the beginning of hostilities in Danzig. Forty-five years since this photo was taken on the Langgasse, from the steps of the Rathaus, with its broken lanterns. In the distance, the Stockturni looms over the Golden Gate, and the Hauptpostamt is next to the diagonally supported building on the left. Street car tracks and all vehicular traffic were removed after the war. Today you can sip a warm Pepsi under an umbrella on . the sidewalk (near the horse cart on the right). Contemplate the historical events, the destruction of 1945, Solidarity in the 1980’s.. .Langgasse/Duga has seen it all.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 68 - July - August - September - 1990, Page 1.

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