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Gallery » Danzig Report 110 - January, February, March 2001 » The DADDY OF THEM ALL --- STOLZENBERG


became necessary. General Stutterheim was the governor of Marienhurg and he dispatched a detachm ent of troops as a security force.

Danzig was at one time toying with the idea of seeking aid from the Russians at the Petersburg Court. Uhi did a most commendable job and made every effort to serve Danzig tradesmen with prompt mid punctual mail resulting in a flow of special messengers from the city of Danzig. delivering mail dispatches directly to Stolienberg

Uhl offered to establish a branch post office in Danzig where mail could be accepted, thus eliminating the posting fee. As it was, the merchants of l)anzig did call for their mail at Stolzcnherg. avoiding transit charges. As a matter of fact, Polish postal clerks soon came from Danzig requesting that they he given employment in the Prussian postal system. Some were accepted after careful screening as were postal clerks from Marienwerdcr and Elbing. In his closing chapter. Postmaster Stephan writes: “Iricdrich’s measures made a decisive impact on the strength and economy of Danzig.”

The city was not able to effect recovery and, on 2 April 1793, the mayor and city council of Danzig issued a proclamation to the population which read as follows: “All people. the entire body of traders. all main and incorporated corporations and guilds, after careful consideration of all aspects. a unanim ous decision has been reached that this good city (which for a long time has fallen into a depression. and with bleak outlook for recovery). is requesting that His Majesty, the King of Prussia. to subject the city of Danzig to Prussian rule.” Troops of Li. General Raumer occupied the fortitIcation. The main post office of Stolzenberg was transferred on 9 April 1793 to the city into quarters of the liquidated Polish post office.

The post office in Danzig was now Prussian. Originally formed by the Great llcctor after the battle of Warsaw. it had now returned after an absence of 130 years.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 110 - January - February - March - 2001, Page 9.

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