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Ronald “Ronny” van Waardhuizen
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Diese Website wurde erstellt zum Nutzen aller Sammler von Danzig, Freie Stadt Danzig, Port Gdansk und Gdansk – Sammler ab 1945 sowie auch für alle anderen Sammler, die Interesse an der faszinierenden Geschichte dieses berühmten und historischen Teils der Welt haben.

Es ist die Absicht, einen großen Bereich von Informationen der Philateliegeschichte von Danzig beginnend mit dem frühen sechzehnten (16ten) Jahrhundert bis heute anzubieten. Selbstverständlich ist dies nicht ohne gleichzeitige Betrachtung des politischen Hintergrunds zu den einzelnen philatelistischen Perioden möglich: Vorphilatelie, die Zeit ohne Stempel, die ersten Grenzübergangsstempel, die ersten Danzig Stempel zur Preußen- NDP und DR -Zeit – zur Freistaatzeit und der folgenden Zeit bis 1945 – die dazugehörigen Briefe, Karten & Formulare Z. B. Telegrammvordrucke & Antwortscheine – die Geschichte der Einrichtung der Polnischen Post im Danziger Hafen.


We have reserved a sober, but well placed Partner column, where a button size 120 x 60 can be placed. See homepage as well as a number of other pages. The yearly contribution will be 150 Euro, an invoice can be provided if required. You can also add a banner of 468 x 60 pixels in the links section for 50 Euro/year + VAT. If interested please contact me. Thanks your appreciated goodwill and help to make this site a success.

Ronny van Waardhuizen


Disclaimer bvba (, its affiliates and its partners cannot be held responsible in any way for the contents of the sites made by third parties through


This Disclaimer applies to the website and to all of bvba’s websites


The contents of and all bvba websites are subject to the matters set out below:


1. The contents of this web site are provided solely for general information.

2. The information on the pages contained in this website is updated from time to time. However, bvba hereby excludes any warranties (whether express or implied) as to the quality, accuracy, efficacy, completeness, performance, fitness for a particular purpose of the information contained within this website.

3. bvba and all of its partners do not accept any liability for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for any consequential loss or loss of business opportunities or projects, or loss of profits) howsoever arising and whether in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use this website, or any of its contents, or from any action or omission taken as a result of using this website or any such contents.

4. This website contains material and information submitted by the various contractors and bvba accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of such material nor does bvba make any representations by virtue of the contents of this website in respect of the existence or availability of any equipment and/or services advertised.

5. bvba makes no warranty that the contents of the website are free from infection by viruses or anything else which has contaminating or destructive properties and shall have no liability in respect thereof.

6. Certain of the links on this website lead to resources located on servers maintained by third parties over whom bvba has no control and accordingly it accepts no responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on those servers.

7. Please note that where part of this website contains advertising and other material submitted to bvba by third parties, those advertisers are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on this website complies with all legal requirements. bvba does not accept any liability in respect of any advertisements.

8. All liability is hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law including any implied terms.

9. Belgian law and jurisdiction applies with respect to the contents of this website.


Privacy Policy


The present privacy statement shall apply to bvba and all bvba websites. bvba and your privacy: bvba aims at giving you as much control as possible over your privacy referring to your personal information and the use that we make of it for running our business. In general, you can visit bvba on the web without telling us who you are or without providing us any information whatsoever with regard to yourself.


A. bvba does not gather personal information about individuals, unless the person concerned gives his/her explicit permission, the gathering of personal details is necessary for the performance of an agreement in which the individual is involved or in one of the other cases as specified in art. 5 of the Law of 8th December 1992 for the protection of privacy.


B. bvba reserves the right to make statistical analyses of the behaviour and characteristics of the subscriber in order to know what interests or what advantages certain issues of the site have and to measure the effect of ad banners or clicking on these banners. bvba will provide related data on this analysis only to third parties. Users also must be aware that bvba sometimes permits third parties to inspect and use data concerning registrations or services for which registration is required through a bvba site. bvba is not responsible for any actions or operations of these third parties; users must examine the Privacy Policy of the third parties concerned themselves when they pass on personal information.


C. Moreover, users must be aware that when they reveal personal information and details voluntarily (e.g. user name, E-mail address, …) on their own website, in message boards, in chat areas or in whatever part of whatever website that is operated by bvba, this information and these details, together with important information and particulars that they announce in their messages, can be collected and can influence each other mutually and can be used by third parties to send unwanted messages of others or third parties. Such activities cannot be supervised by bvba.


D. In addition, users must be aware that personal and non-personal information and details can be collected automatically by the standard operation of internet servers of bvba or by using ‘cookies’. ‘Cookies’ are small fields with text and can be used by a website to recognize a user, they facilitate the user’s log-in and the use of the site, and enable a site to find out how frequently it is used/visited and to collect data that can lead to better contents and purposive advertising. Cookies are not programs that can influence a visitor’s computer system and do not damage files. Generally, cookies operate by assigning a user a unique number that has no meaning beyond the site that has assigned the number. Users should be aware that bvba cannot supervise the use of cookies nor the resulting information with advertisers or third parties for which bvba acts as host. If the user wishes that no information is collected by the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that enables the user to refuse or permit the cookies. In any case, users should note that cookies can be necessary to be able to provide them with important elements (e.g.: adjusting information to be sent) that are available on the bvba site.


On request, bvba will permit every user to opt out of his/her promotional contacts at all times. On request, bvba will try to alter the user’s personal information, if according to the user this information seems to be incorrect, insofar as this is not in conflict with privacy or safety aspects. Furthermore, on a user’s request, bvba will expend all reasonable efforts to delete the user and his/her personal information from its database; however, it is possible that certain initial details of a user remain in the bvba database because of backups and deletions performed in the past.


F. bvba reserves the right to adapt this Privacy Policy at all times by informing users that there is a new Privacy Statement. The present Statement and the Policy outlined in it are not meant to and do not create contractual or other legal rights in behalf of whatever party.


1. What information do we gather and examine:

Sometimes we will need users’ information. In general, this means: completing on-line forms or otherwise so that users can download a product or order a bvba service. If users download E-mail and other products or services, we request them to complete a form with their name and E-mail address. During this process, we offer users the opportunity to refuse further information with important news and events. If users submit themselves to an order on line, their credit card number will be presented to the credit card company or its representative for a normal routine check. bvba does not collect users’ personal credit information, and bvba does not share credit nor credit-card information with other companies or third parties, except when the law requires this or on court order.


2. What do we do with the information gathered:

The information gathered from the forms completed by users is used or incorporated as part of the company strategy in one of the three ways below:

A. So as to put products, services, news and events at users’ disposal.

B. So as to enable users to look up and download products, and

C. So as to gather full demographic and statistical information about users.


How do we collect information: bvba uses several methods to obtain certain other information, such as ‘cookies’, ‘referrers’, IP addresses and environments. Below we explain how we use these methods.


A. A ‘cookie ‘ is a data element which can be sent by a website like bvba to users’ browsers and which attaches itself to the users’ system. A cookie can be used to put specifically measured information about the website that users have visited at their disposal. Some bvba web pages use cookies so that we can help the users better when they visit the bvba web pages by giving them adapted information according to their interests. Users can adjust their browser in this way that it warns them when they receive a cookie so that they get the chance to decide whether or not they wish to accept the cookie.

B. A ‘Referrer’ is the information that is passed on by a web browser that refers to the web URL where the users come from and that links to us. Our web server collects these automatically. This information is used at to analyse demographic and statistical trends and can be used to offer users information adapted to their interests.

C. Our web server automatically gathers IP addresses. Users’ IP address is a number used by computers on the network in order to identify users’ computer so that data (such as the website pages that users request) can be sent to users.

D. Other information collected by bvba is information of the users’ environment such as for example time, web browser type, operating system/platform, and CPU speed. This information is uniquely used for broad demographic and statistical information. This information is only used by bvba when identifying broad demographic and statistical trends and can be used when providing information that is adjusted to users’ interests.

E. Moreover, the sites that are operated by bvba contain links to other websites. In any case, bvba is not responsible for the Privacy Policy or contents of such websites.


3. To which websites does the above relate to: bvba possesses and maintains a range of websites, including Each of these sites has its own mailing list or several manners to contact customers. All these sites pursue the policy of privacy and the policy of sharing information with third parties. A list of the sites and URLs that users can use to delete themselves from the mailing list that they keep is here available for users. Information gathered at bvba is joint ownership of bvba; however, it is only kept on the bvba database at the bvba facilities. This information is collected and used as described above by bvba. The information cannot be used by third parties without the permission of bvba and even then it can only be used in the ways as mentioned above.


4. What do we do with the collected information when users have obtained a bvba product by one of our partners? bvba will use personal, confidential information – obtained by purchases of bvba products or collected on whatever bvba site – only within the framework of its own company strategy as referred to above.


5. Confidential:

The idea ‘confidential’ pursuant to the current legal national and international provisions, the Belgian law of 8th December safeguarding personal privacy (B. S. – the Belgian Official Gazette -, 18th March 1993), as modified by the law of 11th December 1998 (B. S., 3rd February 1999) among other things.


6. To contact us concerning Privacy Policy:

Should you have any queries concerning this privacy statement, the applications of this site, or the way of doing business with this website, please do not hesitate to contact: bvba

Ronny van Waardhuizen

Bredabaan 405 – bus 6

2930 Brasschaat



Terms and conditions


1. Legal Grounds

The website is set up and operated by bvba. On the website users are given access to information and services of and/or third parties. The material on the website is partly published by and partly by external producers. Some parts of the website are accessible to all visitors of the site, whereas other parts of the site are only accessible to registered users. The website is developing continuously; in the near future new services will be offered to the user. As a consequence, the present terms and conditions can be amended now and then and bvba shall be entitled to do this without prior notice.


Modifications of or adjustments to the present terms and conditions will come into force one (1) month after they have been put to the user’s disposal. If a user does not accept the altered terms and conditions, he/she must inform within the above said period that he/she wishes to be deregistered pursuant to article 7 of the present terms and conditions; if not, he/she is considered to have accepted the new terms and conditions.


2. Price-fixing of bvba products

The information and websites on the website has to be paid for or is sponsored by bvba partners. reserves the right to change prices at all times 1 month after having informed the owners of a site made through the services.


3. Registration

By accurately filling in personal details and address on an especially drafted form, a user can become a registered user of the website. A registered user then receives a ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.


By sending the completed registration form the user accepts the present terms and conditions. The user also agrees that the personal details filled in on the form may be incorporated, registered and passed on to another company. The user further agrees that uses the personal details to distribute advertising material and special offers and that uses this information internally.


4. The user’s duties

The user is to keep his/her ‘Password’ secret and is to keep all documents with this ‘Password’ in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot access them. If an unauthorized person has obtained access to the registered user’s ‘Password’, the registered user is to request to delete or change this ‘Password’ , with reference to his/her ‘User Name’ and ‘Password ‘. The registered user is responsible for all actions that are performed by means of using the ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ until the request to delete the ‘Password’ has been received by


The registered user may publish information on the website. The material is not to be in conflict with any applicable legislation, decisions or governmental rules or contain any material that gives offence to or causes damage in whatever way to or to any third party whatsoever. Consequently, the material is not to contain, for example, any elements of violence or pornography, or to pose a threat or (an incentive to) libel or verbal assault, or contain personal information that is contrary to applicable legislation concerning the protection of personal details. What’s more, creating a website and pretending it to be made by a third party is prohibited!


The registered user of a personal or club does not have the right to publish material on the website for commercial purposes or for other purposes that cannot be considered to be strictly private. has the right but not the duty to closely examine the information published by the registered user in order to make sure that the material is in accordance with the above conditions. If according to, the registered user acts contrary to the present conditions, or if believes for any other reason that the registered user uses the website for purposes that are offensive, illegal or inappropriate for other reasons, or if or any third party is exposed to any risk by the use of the website by the registered user, has the right to immediately exclude the registered user from the website fully or partially. If we have to delete the site manually, we will charge 50 euro administrative costs.

If an external producer has linked certain restrictions or conditions to the use of certain material, goods or services, the registered user is to comply with these restrictions and conditions. The user will completely compensate for any damage that might suffer by not complying with these restrictions and conditions.

The user will protect and the management of against and compensate and the management of for all kinds of claims that might result from the use of the website or by the use of the provided services by the user through the website are in conflict with these conditions and/or for claims relating to the material posted on the website by the user.


5. Operation

Under normal circumstances, the website is accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days per week. However, operational defects can occur. If an operational defect, etc., occurs, cannot be held liable for any damage that the registered user might suffer relating to this defect.


6. Modifications to reserves the right to make modifications in the ‘contents’ of the website or to the identification procedure, the operation, the technical specifications, the system or to the opening hours, etc.


7. Validity of the registration

The registration is valid until further notice. The registered user has the right to end his/her registration within a one month’s term of notice. If a registered user wishes to end his/her registration, he/she is to do this with reference to his/her ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ and is to inform that he/she wishes no longer to be registrated as a member. reserves the right to end a registration with immediate effect, if the user acts contrary to the present terms and conditions. Furthermore, reserves the right to end the registration, if the user’s ‘account’ has not been used for the past three (3) months. All stored information will be lost.

If a bvba partner gives a bvba product to a user who has a business relation with the bvba partner, the bvba partner reserves the right to annul the gift and to repossess the given bvba product, if the user concerned breaks off his/her business relation with the bvba partner.

Additionally, can delete a sponsored website, if the company that has sponsored the site requests this. The user then gets the possibility to further operate his/her site at the current price.

In this case, bvba will remove all brand awareness, all texts and all other information of the partner from the site before launching the site again on the internet.

All those who make a web site through cannot modify, erase or abuse the brand logos or brands of companies-partners which figure on the sites. All those who have a created a site through must always respect the form, the size and the layout of the brand logos which figure on the sites.

All information, brand logos en texts mentioned in the templates of the websites are protected by copyright. Copyright works contained in these pages may not be used, distributed or copied for any purpose without prior written consent of the partners, except to the extent permitted below.

The elements stated above and the separate copyright works contained therein may be viewed on screen, downloaded onto a hard disk or printed for your personal use provided that you include this copyright notice on each copy and that you make no alterations to any of the pages and do not use any of the pages in any other work or publication in whatever medium stored.

The elements defined above, the brand logos or texts may not be used, distributed or copied for any commercial purpose without prior written consent of the partners.


8. Rights of intellectual property

The ‘contents’ on the website is covered by the protection of the Belgian and international copyright. All the rights of intellectual property and technical solutions concerning the website exclusively belong to or to third claimants and may only be used with the explicit permission of or third claimants.

The user is not granted a licence or any other right to use any intellectual ownership concerning the information on the website otherwise than is explicitly set forth in the present terms and conditions.

By creating a site through, users give bvba the right to publish their site and its content on the site.


9. Applicable law and authorized rights

The agreement between the user, and/or any external producer is governed by Belgian law. Complaints or disputes are settled by the competent judge at Antwerp (Belgium).


By starting the registration you agree with the above conditions. You are to complete the registration in one go. Read the conditions carefully and then press the button: ‘I have read this and I agree’.


To contact us concerning Terms and Conditions:

Should you have queries concerning the present Terms and Conditions, the applications of this site, or the manner of doing business with this website, please do not hesitate to contact: bvba

Ronny van Waardhuizen

Bredabaan 405 – bus 6

2930 Brasschaat