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Ronald “Ronny” van Waardhuizen
Bredabaan 405
2930 Brasschaat

Tel.: +32 3 225 1616
Fax: +32 3 231 1814

This is a rather scarce Original Envelope (Cover) for mailing the luxury telegrams Luxus Telegram.

Luxus telegram

This website is created in the benefit of all Danzig, Free City Danzig, Port Gdansk and Gdansk collectors as well as others who are interested in the fascinating history of this famous and historical part of the world.

It is the intention to offer a widespread range of information of the Danzig philatelic history starting from the early 16th century until today. Automatically the historical aspect of this fascinating territory will occur due the different philatelic episodes. Pre-philately, the period with no cancels, the first border cancels, the first Danzig and Free City Danzig cancels and covers, the history and creation of the Post Offices of Port Gdansk.

The various clubs and their magazines will be published; a wide range of articles will be available, as well as historical documents, etc.

All of this needs a lot of work, but mainly the software and programming of the website has to be carried out by programmers and specialists. The hosting of a large website is costly since it uses a lot of bandwidth and numerous translations have to be done. Some of them voluntary, but also help is needed by other sources. A part I take on my account but some help will be greatly appreciated.

We have reserved a sober, but well placed Partner column, where a button size 120 x 60 can be placed. See homepage as well as a number of other pages. The yearly contribution will be 150 Euro, an invoice can be provided if required. If interested please contact me. Thanks your appreciated goodwill and help to make this site a success.

Ronny van Waardhuizen