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Ziemia Gdańska

Ziemia Gdańska – also known as Pomorskie Wiadomosci Filatelistyczne


Ziemia Gdańska (Danzig Earth).

The new contacts with philatelists of the German ArGe Danzig, the need for a more scientific approach to the philatelic research on the Danzig Area and the desire to have an own philatelic club resulted in 1994 in the founding of the Philatelic Club ‘Ziemia Gdańska’ Danzig Earth) in Danzig. On the 10th of February 1994 the Regional Management of the Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) in Danzig confirmed the statute of the club. From that moment the philatelic club focused on all philatelic aspects connected to Danzig/Gdansk and its surrounding area.

The ‘Ziemia Gdanska’ club popularizes the collecting of postmarks from Danzig and its surrounding area, is engaged in (postal) historical research and stimulates contacts among Danzig collectors in Poland and abroad. Highlights are the annual meetings of Danzig collectors from the USA, England, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia and several other European countries during the Danzig Summer Fair.

Starting from the beginning the club issued a regular bulletin, containing articles on all aspects of Danzig philately. In the year 2000 the bulletin, published on A4 format, was replaced by a new magazine. In that year the Regional Management of the Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) in Danzig decided to join the publications of several clubs, situated in Gdańsk, into one publication. The new ‘Pomorskie Wiadomości Filatelistyczne’ represented the Philatelic Club ‘Ziemia Gdańska’, the research committee of the PZF in Danzig, the collectors of maritime themes ‘Klub Marynistow’ and the collectors of biblical themes ‘Saint Gabriel’. Editor became Krzysztof Krupa. Until 2006 a total of 10 issues, each of them more than 100 pages, were published. The departure of Krzysztof Krupa to another place in Poland meant a serious blow to the magazine. A new editor was appointed but until now no new issues have been published.

The Ziemia Gdańska Club was responsible for two successful philatelic exhibitions. In 1997 the exhibition ‘Znaki pocztowe w dziejach Gdańska’ (Postal marks in the history of Gdańsk) was organized, followed by the ‘400 lat Gdańskiej ordynacji pocztowej’ (400 years Danzig postal regulations’ in 2004. Both exhibitions showed top-exhibits on Danzig philately. The catalogue issued for the second exhibitions won several gold medals on national and international exhibitions.