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Danzig Report


In 1975, I was asked by Bud Hennig, the most knowledgeable Danzig collector in the United States, to edit a newsletter that would contain information on the postal history of Danzig. The editor soon found out that many factors entered into the production of the stamps and that it took an effort that needed the aid of more than a dozen collectors around the world. The Danzig Study Group in Germany, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Danzig, led at the time by Schuler and Kniep, was very helpful in providing information to the fledgling organization. The Study Group completed its first project by analyzing the plate flaws of the Michel #51 air mail stamps from full sheets.

Mail sales and auctions have been held at various times. The journal of the study group, the Danzig Report, is published quarterly, and the latest issue contains insights of the DAPOSTA stamp exhibition of 1937. Ton Hulkenberg’s interesting narrative tells of the problems faced by the Austellung Committee when speculators tried to corner the market on the Blocks that were printed especially for DAPOSTA. Other topics for study include the designers and printers of the Free City stamps, and the location of their printing plant. This will cover the years 1920 thru 1939. We should have enough information to illustrate the buildings in their original time frame as well as current photos.

Other issues have included: Stutthof Concentration Camp mail; the Peter von Danzig’s yacht race participation in the 1936 Olympics; stamps that illustrate ships; the Artushof on stamps; the Krantor’s use on German stamps as propaganda; a look at the Schichau Shipyard; early Telegrams; 16th & 17th Century letters [Ronny van Waardhuizen]; Napoleon in Danzig; Frederick the Great’s connection to Danzig [Blaine Taylor]; St. George & his Dragon; the 1831 Cholera Epidemic [du Boulay]; Importance of the Dirschau Bridge; Dienstposten Ost [Col. Halle]; Solidarity; Danzig Varieties [Minard]; ‘Farewell’ Issues of 1939 [Hulkenberg]; Port Gdansk Forgeries [Vogels]; Identifying CTO Cancels [Neefus]; Pirate Paul Beneke Defeats the British Flotilla in 1472 [the editor is searching for material in Gdansk this summer]; Famous Artists in Danzig; The WHW Stamps; 25th Anniversary of Btosen on stamps; Goten- hafen; Forerunners; Weichselmunde Fortress; Bahnpost; Effect of Teutonic Knights on Danzig; Catapult Flights to South America [Graue]; Dienstmarken studies; DO-X mail; Ganzsachen; Esperanto cards; Westerplatte; Attack on the Polish Post Office; A Trip to Tiegenhof, its Windmills & Mennonite Influence; and many more topics in more than 137 Reports and 17 on-site visits to Danzig/Gdansk.

An invitation is issued to all who are interested in this amazing area of study!


John H. Bloecher
1743 Little Creek Drive
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