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Welcome to Danzig

Although this website is a work in progress you can already see several contributions made by Arge Danzig, Danzig Report, The Danzig Philatelist, and the Polish P.W.F. Ziemia Gdańska.

We have several collections and exhibits, miscellaneous items and pictures on the website covering Free City Danzig and Danzig postcards and Danzig history. More information on Danzig covers, Danzig cancels and Danzig articles is in the pipeline.

If you would like to be informed of the changes, please register and we will send you site information when it becomes available.

We are still looking for materials and articles in English, German and Polish and for volunteers for translations into or from Polish, German and English. If you would like to help to make this a unique philatelic and historical website please contact us.

We are always looking for interesting articles and stories about Danzig and its surroundings. We will publish them on the website to make it a mutual tool for our hobby, know-how and as a great source of information for all collectors, students and visitors.

To overcome borders, seas, oceans and language barriers we will attempt to make the site, articles and stories multilingual whenever we can.

Ronny van Waardhuizen

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We are pleased to inform you that we have uploaded the first 35 issues of the A.S.D.P. (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler Danziger Postwertzeichen im In- und Auslande) magazines. My good friend HaJo has been so kind to provide me with those issues of the A.S.D.P. magazines. We have uploaded the first…

Exhibits of Paketkarte and Danzig The Germania Netzunterdruck Issue

In Ausstellungen - Exhibits you will find two fine exhibits of great variety in the Danzig Philately. In the exhibit Paketkarte in German you will find a great and exclusive selection of fantastic and large variety of Paketkarte, complete with various rates to many destinations, such as the Free City…

International Air-Post-Exhibition Luposta 1932

You will find over 400 pages, scans and clearly readable texts of nearly all issues that were printed between 1931 and 1932 for the Luposta 1932 Exhibition and Fair. Everything you wanted to know about this philatelic exhibition can be exlusively found in one total packet, an opportunity for everyone…

Gerhard Schüler

We have uploaded some most interesting articles and subjects from the early days of the Free City Danzig philately, such as descriptions of stamps, a wide choice of cancels, dates, Postoffices, the first errors and rare plate faults, the early steps and development of the first "Free City Danzig" katalogue,…