International Air-Post-Exhibition Luposta 1932

You will find over 400 pages, scans and clearly readable texts of nearly all issues that were printed between 1931 and 1932 for the Luposta 1932 Exhibition and Fair. Everything you wanted to know about this philatelic exhibition can be exlusively found in one total packet, an opportunity for everyone who is interested in this fascinating subject. There is a large number of articles covering the Luposta 1932 Exhibition and Fair which was a great introduction of airmail philately in the Free City Danzig towards collectors as well as an effort to atract tourists in those rather poor years.

You will find the following booklets such as Luposta Nr. 1 November 1931Luposta Nr. 2 April 1932Luposta Nr. 3 Juni 1932Luposta Werbe-Ball 30 Januar 1932Führer durch die Luposta DanzigLuposta Bericht der PreisrichterLuposta Hans Georg MenckeLuposta Ronny van Waardhuizen (English translation), and Luposta Miscellaneous. Also under Collections you will find a nice collection of Zeppelin covers, included Luposta. Enjoy this rare uportunity to improve and widen your knowledge.