Gerhard Schüler

We have uploaded some most interesting articles and subjects from the early days of the Free City Danzig philately, such as descriptions of stamps, a wide choice of cancels, dates, Postoffices, the first errors and rare plate faults, the early steps and development of the first “Free City Danzig” katalogue, and a general information all concerning the development of information for the collectors those early days.

Such as Stempel des HauptpostamtesEntlastungsstempelDanziger GebührenstempelAbsenderfreistempelDanziger Firmenlochungen, and Danzig nach 1945 click here in order to be connected straight to those interesting conclusions, writings and articles. Still today you will find information that is not always repeated for the knowledge in the actual catalogues, wanted by the enthusiasts of our philatelists. Hope you may enjoy those developments and research of the first Danzig colectors and in special Gerhard Schüler.