Exhibits of Paketkarte and Danzig The Germania Netzunterdruck Issue

In Ausstellungen – Exhibits you will find two fine exhibits of great variety in the Danzig Philately. In the exhibit Paketkarte in German you will find a great and exclusive selection of fantastic and large variety of Paketkarte, complete with various rates to many destinations, such as the Free City Danzig area as well as Germany and other countries, and much more.

Click here for Paketkarte.

Also a tremendous and interesting collection of Burleage varieties on the Germania stamps who are after overprint used in the Free City Danzig postage. There is a lot to be learned of this rather rare but also very interesting and not daily area of our hobby.

Click here to enter the exhibit Danzig The Germania Burelage Issue directly, this exhibit is in Eglish. All of us may benefit from the know-how, the descriptions and the nice material shown here.

We wish you a lot of fun and interesting hours of examination, studying or just browsing these interesting areas. Enjoy and also enjoy the other materials shown on this website.