We are pleased to inform you that we have uploaded the first 35 issues of the A.S.D.P. (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler Danziger Postwertzeichen im In- und Auslande) magazines.

My good friend HaJo has been so kind to provide me with those issues of the A.S.D.P. magazines. We have uploaded the first 35 issues from his extended catalogue and documentation. All of them have been scanned and uploaded in order to give you a useful first impression from our early Danzig collectors. You will find a lot of text and early knowledge as well discoveries of the Danzig philately in those magazines which first issue was 5th of March 1936. You will find on the original first issues handwritten remarks, facts and notes, early drawings of the cancels of Gerhard Schuller, Kurt Holtz, Wilhelm Marx, Grönke, Michel, Benedict and others. In total we may say that all first discoveries are in our hands, early information of those days, who are today not all the time mentioned any more, so for those who are really interested take your chance. The first 10 issues had been uploaded already last year, due to lack of time only recently the remaining 25 magazines have been added on the website. Parts of the texts had and have been already added, which gives a better concept for reading. The remaining texts will be added as soon as possible. There is some delay but it all takes a lot of time and effort.

Go to the first 35 issues A.S.D.P. and have fun.

Also with this occasion my great thanks and respect towards Gerhard Simon who has been so friendly and consistent to take care for all the typewriting he has done for this immense object, yes some 600 pages have been manually typed, a great bravo and thanks to Gerhard for his effort and appreciated help.

By the way: a request to our Danzig collectors and specialists. If you have similar material for enriching this website, always welcome to send me texts and or articles, feel free to contact me. Especially I look for Danzig related articles of the “Briefmarken Rundschau” as you probably have noticed 1920 and 1921 are complete. You will find some 250 articles with various objects and interests. Visit the early and update your knowledge of Briefmarken Rundschau 1920 and 1921 on Briefmarken Rundschau.

The years as from 1923 are still missing so if you have numbers of those missing newspapers, which where weekly a “Beilage der Danziger Zeitung”, please contact me.

Also the “Der Loupe” Philatelic Magazine is missing completely. If you have all or some of those numbers, much obliged you can help us to make this website more and more of interest and attractive for all of us.

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Ronny van Waardhuizen