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Gallery » Danzig Report 111 - April, May, June 2001 » Polish Harbor Post Office Labels


On January 11, 1922, the name of the office was changed into Poiski Urzad PocztowyNrlwGdaiisku. Just like new date stamps. labels with the new name were not immediately available, In February 1922 the old labels (and the old date stanç) were still being used; cards from March 15 and 21, 1922 have no label, We don’t know exactly when the labels with the new name of the post office were introduced because material from April 1922 until January 1923 is missin2. The first known date of the labels with the new name Poiski Urz4d Pocztowy Nr I w Gdarlsku is from January 1923.

Probably the new labels were printed by the Laskauer-company from Warszawa. Also here different labels were used without a distinctive letter and with the distinctive letter “C”. Probably they wore both introduced at the same moment. The first known date of a label without distinctive letter is 10.01.1923, labels with distinctive letter “c” 04.01.1923. Labels without distinctive letter are known only from the first half of January 1923, labels with “c” from January, April, May and July 1923.

Looking at these labels we can see several differences. The position of the numbers as compared to the text is different This could indicate that the numbers and the text were printed separately, just like the Nowy Port labels where the numbers wore printed separately even in a diffrent color, Also the position of the distinctive letter “C” is horizontally and vertically different as compared to the a. Also each line can be shifted horizontally as compared to the other two lines and different distances between words (for instance w and (dku) appear The limited amount of material shows that almost every label is different. Further research on more material is necessary here These labels of Polish post office Gdailsk 1 are much more rare than the GdaiskNowy Port labels,

5        z Ameryki przez Polski Urzd PocztowyNr 1 w Gdaisku. Without distinctive letter 01.23

6        z Ameryki przez Polski Urz4d Pocztowy Nt I w Gdarlsku distinctive letter “c” 01.23,0423, 05.23 and 07.23


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 111 - April - May - June - 2001, Page 25.

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