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After Ill previous Reports on vanous phases of Danzig philately, there now comes an important study of a time in the life of the great city that involves countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Many of the European kingdoms and, eventually, Russia’s Eurasian countryside touch the life of Danzig. No other person than Napoleon Bonaparte is the central figure in this three-ring circus that followed closely on the French Revolution. Mail systems, routes and rates changed with the ebb and how of the amiics across Europe and western Asia. And this Report will explain what was involved. (iilcsdu Iloulay brings this complicated time into focus. Perhaps we will now “get it” and will be better able to bring this knowledge into the bourse for a wider cxpaiion of our own collections.

Danzig provided a battleground for many nations. This story occurred soon after the second partition of Poland in 1793. If you were to visit Gdnsk today, you could walk these same steps as the attackers and defenders of 1807 and enter the same High Gate that was used by Napoleon and Hitler. Russian campaigns were planned and initiated by those two, and both ended in disaster. Thanks to Giles and all who furnished information and illustrations that made this aaxunt so interesting. The editor has found no other historical books that provide so much information under one cover, and, for this, we are very appreciative of the work that the author has endured. It ha.s been no easy project.

Map 011734 shows a layout similar to that of Danzig when atiacked in 1807. The river enters the Baltic with the coastl ine next to the star fort. The Westerplarte hasn ‘I begun to grow to make a new peninsula west of Weich.selmünde. Russian armies are shown attacking western ramparts, landing on the western chore, and camping on the Danziger Nehrung. (Upper left)


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 112 - July - August - September - 2001, Page 2.

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