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Gallery » Danzig Report 106 - 2000 » Third Edition of German WHW Stamps. 18 November 1938


Third Edition of German WHW Stamps. 18 November 1938

Mi.#675- #6K3 made up the third complete set of Winrerhilfswerk stamps printed in Germany. The purpose of the propaganda issue was to show that Austria was an integral part of the Reich, illustrating scenes from each of Austria’s nine provinces, including a flower that reprcsenls each province.

For public relations purposes, this type of propaganda was necessary to counteract the pressures that both the Austrian and German Nazis had put upon the government in Vienna. First, the illegal Austrian Naiis attempted to carry out a coup by murdering Chancellor Engeiherl I)ollfuss on 25 July, 1934. Secondly. Hitler invited Chancellor Kurt VOfl Schuschnigg to llerchtcsgaden in February, 1938, todemand concessions for the Austrian Nazis. Strong pressure was applied also by Hermann Goring, resulting in Schuschnigg’s resignation in favor of Artur Seyss-Inquart. leader of the Austrian Nazis.

Hitler decided that additional action should be taken, so Goring forced Seyss-Inquan to telegraph Hitler, requesting invasion “to restore order”. Hitler was finally satisfied that Anschluss(union with Germany) had finally been achieved.


Danzig Report   Nr. 106 - January - February - March - 2000, Page 9.

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