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Gallery » Danzig Report 152 - April, May, June 2011 » Danzig's Commercial Aviation

The Trials and Tribulations of Germany's and Danzig's Commercial Aviation
after Treaty of the First World War.

From 10 January 1920, three exchange control offices were organized to deal with mail to and from Danzig. These were Elbing (office 23) for mail between Danzig and East Prussia, Lauenburg (office 22) mail between Pomerania to & from Danzig and (offive 1) for mail between all other parts of Germany & Danzig.
I have not come across any exceptions to these rules, but Arge Danzig has recorded several in three articles by Werner Rittmeister: "Devisen Kontrolle auf Briefen von und nach Danzig: 1918-1925" (Rundschreiben Arge Danzig N°. 101, 10.8.1979, with supplement on pages 1 thru 11; N°. 105, May 1980, with suppleùment pages 1 & 2; N°. 106 Neufassung, 11.12.1981, pages a thru 12. I did write to Herr Rittmeister but got no answer, so I assume that he doesn't understand English.

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Danzig Report Nr. 152 - April - May - June - 2011, Page 5.

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