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Gallery » Danzig Report 6 - November, December 1975 » FIRST JOURNEY TO AMERICA OF THE LZ 127 “GRAF ZEPPELIN”


Start:                                                                 October 11th, 1928 08:00 o’clock Friedrichshafen
Landing:                                                          October 15th, 1928 23:35 o’clock Lakehurst
Duration of flight:                                       111 hours, 35 minutes
Fee:                                                                   Card- 0.75 Gulden. Letter- 1.50 Gulden
Obtained in Danzig for delivery:           48 letters, 103 cards = 151 total
Price:                                                                Card- 50 RM Letter- 100 RM

The Airship LZ 127, built from the Zeppelin-Eckener donations and now property of the Germans, started her maiden voyage almost on the same date as the ZR III four years earlier, and in a solemn ceremony at Friedrichshafen has been christened “Graf Zeppelin” in honor of the unforgetable inventor of the dirigible airship. On this journey, a considerable quantity of mail was shipped from Europe to America (28.124 letters and 37.590 cards). The share of Danzig mail is extremely negligible, especially since the delivered number of pieces from the Free City were reduced through complete loss or from partial damage to some pieces. This flight is likewise difficult to obtain on the market.

As transportation confirmation, letters again received from the Zeppelin an oval blue rubber stamp with the three-line inscription: “Mit Luftschiff LZ 127 befördert”, which is similar to the confirmation cachets of the ZR III, with the exception of the worknumber of the airship. Size of cachet oval: 15 min by 32 mm. Arrival cancellation: New York day cancel, October 16, 1929.

Danzig Report   Nr. 6 – November - December - 1975, Page 4.

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