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Sources and Acknowledgement 

The primary source for this survey has been the author’s own collection, but naturally information has been gleaned elsewhere. Michel ‘s “Deutschland Spezial Katalog” and “Deutschland unter der Lupe” have provided much basic data. lluch material publishing by the Danzig Study Group of the Germany P.S. of the USA has been of great help, particularly the illustrations of early material from the incomparable collection of Mr. B.A. Hennig. The opportunity to study this collection at Amphilex 1977 was invaluable. Whilst this article was being prepared, a new publication by the German Association of Danzig Collectors has appeared which has confirmed many conclusions, especially of periods of use of the various cuncellatioí types.

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Danzig Report  Nr. 30 - January - February - March - 1981, Page 11.

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