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Gallery » Danzig Report 32 - July, August, September 1981 » In memorium ... Gerhard Schüler 1911-1981

In memorium...Gerhard Schüler 1911-1981 

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Study Group) Danzig is saddened by the loss of its leader. For more than 25 years, Gerhard Schüler has given his far-ranging knowledge in the pursuit of Danzig philately without stint, and yet, there are so many things, too many things, that he alone knew.

That knowledge about those matters has been lost, without possibility of recall. Gerhard SchUler leaves behind a great gap that no one can fill.

What kind of man was Gerhard Schüler ?

His childhood, with his brother Herbert, is noteworthy for one particular occurrence. His father, an engineer at sea for more than six months, could not return to Hamburg in 1914 due to the outbreak of the war. He was later interned in the U.S.A. and returned home in 1919. The youth Gerhard addressed his father with “Sie”, as if he were a complete stranger.

Ten years later, Gerhard passed his examination in Hamburg and matriculated into the University in Danzig and began his studies in construction engineering. These studies took approximately 10 years since it was interrupted with practical work as student and builder. Meanwhile, he fell in love with a lady from Danzig of the “Normannia”. Brunhild Kindermann, who later became Mrs. Schiller, ran a handwork shop on Damm 13, and she is still mentioned in the book that lists people living in Danzig in 1942 as “Tapisserie Mstr. - Lossowweg 2” (Tapestry craftsman). There she had a small apartment with her mother.

(Lossowweg was named after von Lossow, who was a commander of the Black Hussars in Langfuhr, and the street was named after him.It was a lane near the Hussars’ barracks between Hochstreisz and Mirchauerweg.)

Gerhard Schüler’s many interests brought him to his intensive study of Danzig Postal History, and he was at it practically from the beginning of the Study Group in 1936.

He was married after receiving his graduation diploma in 1940. As construction engineer, he took a position with the firm of Carl Spaeter, and after a short time, was drawn into World War It. Men were needed to reconstruct bridges in France and Russia, so he traveled back and forth between those places, Hamburg and his second home, Danzig. His apartment in Grindelburg (in Hamburg) was bombed out in 1943 and rebuilt toward the end of the war. Also in 1943, his brother Herbert was reported missing in Russia.

At the end of the war, he had no knowledge of his wife and her mother who had remained in Danzig. Brunhild Schüler overcame all of the difficulties of the occupation and after a difficult march, arrived in Hamburg to meet her husband at Christmas, 1945.

Danzig Report   Nr. 32 - July - August - September - 1981, Page 2.

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