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Gallery » Danzig Report 53 - October, November, December 1986 » Rundschreiben 105 by Herr Werner Rittmeister


In 1980, Herr Werner Rittmeister wrote an article for the Arge-Danzig Rundschreiben 105 about a new discovery in Danzig’s Ganzsachen. Although our adjoining translation is from the current (1982) Michel catalog, some of the facts in the prior (1975) issue appeared to need updating. Herr Rittmeister says to look into the new catalog and see a new listing for the first time in 40 years! The previous Nos. P 01-03 are now numbered P 48b 01-03. The new stationery without ‘in’ are now under P 59 01-03 in the catalog list. The new cards (P 59) have no ‘in’ in the address line and the lower line contains the additional text: ‘oder Postschliessfachnummer’ (or post office box number). In his collection, Herr Rittmeister has P 59 01 (see Fig. 1) and P 59 01 and P 59 03, with date cancels from August 1939. The P 59 02 card’s latest date is 22.6.39, and he asks if anyone has seen a later date.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 53 - October - November - December - 1986, Page 8.

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