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3. Zweikreisstempel Review

In Report 4J The Zweikreisstempel (2—circle cancel without year) was studied in detail, and we are herewith updating and amplifying some additional information and providing some corrections. Since little occurs in history that is not related to some other event or process, philately must also recognize events that have occurred in relation to the stamp or cover or cancel that is under investigation. For example, we have seen a prestamp entire from Danzig to London that was sent by a merchant in 1587. Such a date in history should ring a bell with anyone who has gone through the fifth grade: it was the year before the defeat of the Spanish Armada by Queen Elizabeth’s navy. How could such an event be overlooked in a philatelic study of the document, as if the letter were written in a historical vacuum? We owe it to each other to analyze the economic, political and historical milieu of the time in which the philatelic item was produced. Examples of this would include the Feldpost and Inflation eras, and what about the socalled “fumigated covers”? All require a deeper historical look.

Fortunately, a friend of the family, Mr. Charles P. Sachs of Randallstown. MD, was gracious enough to read the German script of the documents that appeared in the Report and has distilled the meaning for our use. Herr Sachs was a German native until the early 1940’s and has since retired as a Foreign Language Specialist with the U. S. Government. He indicates that all of the print and handwriting of the documents appear genuine, although he didn’t have the originals to work from, and his comments on each of the documents are as follows:

12.3.1841 — A reminder or directive by the Office of Direct Taxes to the Circuit Court to proceed in a mortgage case.

23.4.1847 - Postal Clerk states that he did not find the addressee personally, but that his wife promised to take care of the matter. Document shows wife’s signature on 23.4.47. The document was originally issued 16.4.47 in reference to a mortgage.

17.10.1850 — Document issued by Municipal Court Danzig, stating that the mortgagee moved and that, therefore, the District Court in Neustadt was asked to proceed. Marginal note dates are 27.10.50 and 26.10.50.

29.11.1851 — An official postal receipt, signed by landowner Friedrich Paetonor on 29.11.51 in a mortgage loan case. The request to the postal authorities was issued 8.11.51, by the District Court in Carthaus.

7.10.1854 — The Municipal (or District) Court Danzig asked on
29.9.84 the postal authorities to deliver and to get a receipt for delivery of a summons to appear on 21.10 in Danzig. Postal clerk states he did not find the addressee; however, the wife signed: *** Constatio Holz.

15.11.1858 — Request for payment, per mandate of 29.10.58.

10.4.1859 - Notification to the Royal District Court that the two exchange contract copies have been received with letter of 4.3.59. Office of Direct Taxes; s/ Golger (?).


Danzig Report Nr. 60 - July - August - September - 1988, Page 4.

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