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Gallery » Danzig Report 64 - July, August, September 1989 » Werner Bohne on his election


I’ve read with interest Reports Nos. 62 and 63 ... especially enjoyed the translation of C. Michaelis’ Danzig airmail brochure, though being also in possession of the original German edition. The translation is splendid! Please convey my admiration to Giles du Boulay if opportunity may come. I’ve found only one minor irregularity: on Page 15 of Report #63, the German description is Zw. Postamt Danzig 5 (Bhf). Zw. is obviously short for Zweig, and a better translation would read: “Branch Post Office Danzig 5 (Railway Station)”.

Quite interesting also is the article on the canceller * 5 h. It seems to me there were at least three (3) different cancellers in use:
(a) 28.20.2907 to 11.4.1923              I have enclosed two copies from the
(b) 27.4.1923 to 16.8.1929                (b) period, which were apparently otnitted
(ci 20.11.1931 to 18.3.1938              and not illustrated.
- Ed Krause
Hamburg, West Germany

It is always a pleasure to hear from Eddie, another very knowledgeable friend from West Germany. lie has additional information on the airmail story that will be printed in the next Report. Many thanks for you great help and tribute to Giles!

(Left): Heartiest congratulations to member Werner Bohne on his election to the prestigious office of President for the FIP Commission for Expertising and the Prevent ion of Forgeries. Election was by delegates from 55 countries. To Werner’s left is FTP’s Ladislav Dvoracek. Best wishes!

To prevent over-subsidizing the Postal Service, we’ll stop here. Report #65 will be a blockbuster, distributed 10 AM Sat. Nov. 4 in Chicago....Be there!!!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 64 - July - August - September - 1989, Page 34.

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