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Gallery » Danzig Report 66 - January, February, March 1990 » Danzig/Gdansk: Historical Perspective


Danzig/Gdansk: Historical Perspective

Some of our members havi first-hand experience in the post—war condition of Danzig in 1945. They have seen the extraordinary effort of the Poles in their rebuilding of the Old City after its fall on March 30th. The destruct ion of the historical areas amounted to 90%, with more than 12,600 buildings being destroyed or damaged. These photographs show the damage to the Krantor, with the new reconstruction, accomplished by using drawings, photos, and even picture postcards from the pre—war era. From the Breitgasse (now Szeroka) we took photo A in 1988. The maximum card (B and C), was flown to the U.S. on 9.9.25 by Mr. Goldber9er. Note the slight change in the Krantor architecture: elimination of the two downspouts and the chimneys, and the addition of two dormers. The color photograph dates from 1965.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 66 - January - February - March - 1990, Page 18.

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