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D.S.G. at CHICAGOPEX 1989:
We all enjoyed the study group meetings at CHICAGOPEX and the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Germany Philatelic Society, last November 4th.

The meetings were well attended, and we were very pleased to welcome Wiadyslaw Dziemianczuk and Teresa from Ontario. They are former residents of Gdansk, offering us much information on the old city, as well as the locations of the Polish post offices. This information will be worked into an article later this year. It was a particular pleasure to welcome a new member from Maryland, Ephraim Day, who was exposed to the Danzig Syndrome for the first time. Ronny van Waardhuizen’s exhibit of Zuruck covers was an excellent study of this area of Danzig, earning him a gold for his first official entry in an exhibit! Ronny also won the Collector’s Club of Chicago Novice Award. Nice to welcome Walt Kohibach to the meeting. George Bluiu got us caught up on news; hadn’t seen him for a couple of years. Eric Nagel and John Neefus gave us the Southern Slant on the hobby. John is currently trying to get a circuit going, through the Plebiscite Study Group, and we are invited to participate with our Danzig material. Any feedback from you members will be appreciated. We were happy to see Burt Miller again and look forward to meetin9 him at London’s World Stamp Expo in May. Burt always provides the answers to the tough questions, as you have seen from our Letters column. Keith Stupell promises to write a blurb about “Aus dein Briefkasten” covers, for which we are holding our collective breaths! That’s a subject that we have neglected and hope that Keith can give a hand. One of the highlights of the meeting was the inspection of original zinc cliche plates from the 1930’s. Bud Hennig offered an explanation of the notches that were cut out of the margin — they accomodated the HAN numbers. Look for reprints from these plates (after we scrub the mud out). Other study group leaders in attendance included Leonard Laylon and Roy Dodd. Welcome also were Lloyd Booth, Dee and Ollie (DOX) demons, and that raconteur from Baltimore, Morris (Olympics) Rosen. How bland breakfast would have been without Morris’ lusty recounting of his experiences in every Olympic city in the world! Last but not least, Ernie Solit has volunteered his time to write articles and is starting with “Mystery of the Great Synagogue”. This is the story that was originally questioned by John Gilroy, so we are now ready to undertake the study, with the help of David Kerr and others who have sent cards showing this historic building.

Mention should be made of the Vermeil medal awarded to the Danzig Report for the 1988—89 issues. The judges also rendered a special award for “outstanding creative efforts in publ ishing Danzig philatelic diversity”. We all know who did the work: YOU!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 66 - January - February - March - 1990, Page 22.

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