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Thus Spake Karl Kniep:
[Ed. Note: Reference is Page 38 of D.R. 65: “Michel Trends”] What happened to Mi. 7211? All single 7211’s that I have seen were forgeries! Last year I received knowledge about pairs of No. 25, the left stamp without Danzig, and the right stamp with “dislocated” Danzig. Both had the overprint =60= !! I will try to get it into the catalog as No. 72F — the same price as for 20611 and 206111 is pure nonsense.

Also, ALL D3OZ, D46DD, D49DD and D5ODD (not the l7Pfg. D51DD) were forgeries! In my opinion, ALL No. 15A (26:17 perfs) are also forgeries!

I have written to Giles du Boulay that all letters from the AERO-TARG (Page 19 in D.R. 62, with Danzig stamps are forgeries.
- Karl Kniep
W lesbaden

Re: The Post-Inflation Overprints
Thanks for No. 65 Danzig Report with interesting news about Nos. 181—187! I hold a FDC dated 31.10.23, as per photostat enclosed. The letter arrived at Svendborg, Denmark, on 2.11.23.
- Eddie Krause



Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 66 - January - February - March - 1990, Page 25.

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