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Gallery » Danzig Report 67 - April, May, June 1990 » An Of ficial Cover with Propaganda Theme, 1931


Third Reich Corridor Propaganda

An Of ficial Cover with Propaganda Theme, 1931:
The large (163 x 230mm) envelope from Pressestelle des Senate to the “Uebersee-Post” in Leipzi was mailed on 24.10.31, the earliest example that we have of official Danzig propaganda. On the reverse is a 55 x 75mm rectangular map, without explanation. The envelope probably enclosed press photos, but no historic event occured then.

Translation of Messages Written in Shorthand:
If you failed to decipher the German shorthand on Cards A and F-i, Bill Ruh has found someone who can. Would you believe that this correspondent had a large stock of various propaganda cards and wrote nothing but love notes to a doctor in West Prussia!

Card A: “Dearest Schnoergel, [A term of endearment]
I didn’t feel well Friday and Saturday. Sunday I went to B[runa]. It was very nice and also very good for the I couldn’t sleep tonight and as time went by, I started to feel worse. I am lying here trying to sleep but feel really miserable. hide went to school today. I wish you all the best and send you best regards from everybody, but especially from your wife.”

Card F-1: “My Dear .... , Today I can finally give you the good news that my fever is breaking and I’ll be allowed up in a few days. I few very weak on my legs, but everything will be all right soon. Yesterday, Grete visited me for a couple of hours. I hope that I’m out of here shortly and that you are returning soon. Love and kisses from all of us.”

Wow! Isn’t cryptography wonderful?? Such earth-shaking news


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 67 - April - May - June - 1990, Page 27.

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