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Gallery » Danzig Report 70 - January, February, March 1991 » DANZIG REVENUE STAMPS: 1875-1926


General revenue stamps were used for a variety of purposes such as to denote payment of land registry fees or notaries’ fees for mortgage transfers or surrenders or on power of attorney deeds. There is a wide variety of early Prussian Revenues. Many have beautifully engraved designs and are printed in attractive colours giving an overall impression or quality ani substance, as is otten the case with early Postage stamps. Below are just a few from various periods
August 1875 issue: numeral in octagon.

59 : 18 Mark brownish grey and rose-carmine centre.
60 : 21 Mark brownish grey and bright green centre.

Clear cancels of the K.PR.Haupt-Zoll-Amt Danzig (The Royal Prussian Main Customs Office Danzig).

November 1877 issue: numeral in octagon.

81B: 30 Mark pale brown—red and dull rose centre. Cancelled “Coniniss—Danzig” with manuscript details dated 28.8.1878.


Danzig Report   Nr. 70 - January - February - March - 1991, Page 7.

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