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3.3 Börsenumsatzsteuermarken
- Stock Transfer Stamps (Free State)

Stock transfer stamps were perforated vertically through the centre bisecting the that when used on stock sales notes each separate half provided the buyer and seller with evidence that the taxes had been paid. The 1888 German issue of stock transfer stamps was overprinted for some Danzig issues, and although most of the others were printed with Danzig insignia, they followed the same basic design.

3.4 Devisensteuermarken
- Foreign Exchange Stamps (Free State).
Foreign exchange stamps followed the same design pattern as the stock transfer stampsthe base stamps being overprinted with a large letter "D" denoting their use as Devisensteuermarken. They evidenced payment of the tax introduced in 1921 on all monetary transactions such as drafts and bills of exchange in foreign currency.


Danzig Report   Nr. 70 - January - February - March - 1991, Page 11.

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