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1924. With black overprint Danzig under the medallion. New value overprinted in black gothic letters.
4 G/5M Red and Orange

Wz= Quatrefoils
Perf= 13.5 x 14.5

Freight tax stamps of the German Reich                          Wz= Quatrefoils

-Finally, although these are not strictly Revenue stamps, Eddie also sent a copy of a block of eight Invaliden-Versicherung stamps, like those referenced 4.2 A in my previous listing. He describes them as without the overprint INV. VERS.DANZIG with the original 225 in the left hand top and 11 in the right hand top, and with red overprint 320 and 13. Interestingly, they were cancelled in seven-day intervals, as if referring to the weekly pay roll. The color is olive—gray and the paper has the small webbing horizontal watermark. The enclosed copy doesn’t show these details very clearly, however.

I was also delighted to receive a note from a Danzig Study Group member in Aukiand, New Zealand, David Hinton—Blaker, enclosing two Danzig Revenues, which he had kept for a number of years, but had not known what to do with them. What a good idea to send them to me! If my thank-you letter does not reach David, please thank him again through this Report.

- Giles du Boulay
8 Malvern Road
Aylesbury, Bucks
HP2O 1QF, England

Here is what looks like a “bomb between the tower that’s similar to St. Katherine’s and the wing of the monoplane. Any ideas about this position? I don’t think that it is a type 2021, or is it?

I’ve been forced into starting my “retirement project” (i.e., Album Art Press), just to keep up with John Taylor of Album Publishing Company. Pages for Saar will be out by INDYPEX 91, Memel by Christmas and Danzig by spring of 1992. It appears that it will fit into two 1” binders. I’ll keep the Danzig Study Group members informed of progress and will announce the prices shortly.

- John D. Neefus
Durham, NC


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 72 - July - August - September - 1991, Page 21.

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