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Gallery » Danzig Report 73 - October, November, December 1991 » The Past Lives the National Museum


The Past Lives the National Museum

A major change in the Artushof caine in the years between 1601 and 1617, when it received its first taste of Italian art. The Medieval building with the high bow window was transformed into a Mannerist design with a balustrade across its roof line. It may be that this (page 3) illustration shows the building with its bow window, but we can’t be sure. If anyone has a drawin9 of the original Gothic brick design, it would be appreciated.

In May, we visited the National Gallery, formerly the Poineranian Museum, a few blocks south of the Langgasse. This is one of the highlights for any trip to modern Gdansk - a roomy, well-lit venue that previously served as a convent. There are the original statues of St. George slaying the dragon, dozens of likenesses of the Virgin Mary and many ceramics and paintings by Flemish masters. If only there were a complete catalo9 in English that lists the collection, we could trace the disappearance of many artifacts that show on stamps and cards.

The biggest surprise was to run into the remaining tiles of the great stove that once warmed the Artushof. Originally 12 meters high, there are now only about 15% of the original multi-colored tiles, shown here.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 73 - October - November - December - 1991, Page 5.

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