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Gallery » Danzig Report 73 - October, November, December 1991 » The T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K. Beer Labels


The T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K. Beer Labels

Editor’s Note: Trying to 9et a handle on the Aero-Targ labels is much like stepping thru a mine field. It is so easy to make a misstep, that we would rather not get too involved. Better minds, such as John Kovaiski, who has been collectin9 these covers for over 16 years, and whose material is illustrated here, as well as Karl Kniep, have their views, and they are expressed in this Rrport. Also, Bill Ruh has sent some copies, asking if they are “fakes, for9eries or fantasies?” Trying to tie the labels into Danzig isn’t easy, as Karl states in his letter to Giles du Boulay, who, as you recall, ended his translation of Michaelis’ Luftpost book with an example of the labels. Better, perhaps, that it wasn’t mentioned at all? A guess is that there are more Polish-to-Polish covers than Poznan-to-Danzig covers that are echt. Since we have no fear, let’s enter the minefield. Ernie Solit, who arranged and edited some of the material, will lead the way. In the meantime, steer clear of booby—trapped covers displaying beer labels.

The 25-Mark label to be used on post cards. Without T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K. lettering on tab.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 73 - October - November - December - 1991, Page 8.

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