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Gallery » Danzig Report 79 - April, May, June 1993 » Correspondence to London 1587


Regarding the hides from Lubeck, they are much better than here, namely, large pieces of ox leather and deerskin and elkskin from Sweden. In this, Herr Dirik Reyniersen will be able to suit you better than I can, since he is near LubecJc, 10 leagues away at Hamburg, and they come in daily and can buy the quantity that suits you.

I see you tell me to buy some leather, and load it in one or two ships in the name of Dirik Reynierson, to deliver it to you in London. This is noted, and the money is to be drawn on the said Dirik Reyniersen or in Antwerp on Messrs. Francisco de Annone and Angelo Vergano, or Hans Kernart and Huberto Levasur. This exchange is very bad here for those places. The said Hans Bernart is my friend. I am doing most of it here. He has a connection with Fernando Oyens in Amsterdam, on whom I am able to draw money here. The said Fernando Oyens has settlement facilities with the said Hans Bernart on notice, and in this I shall do what has to be done as I am bound. I shall not draw the money to ay until I have first paid out for you, and you will be notified of what is be done in this matter. I see that the leather would be all right for the first of August next, to load it in the ship that you are to send here in April. I shall see that it is put in hand, and shall send notification by way of Hamburg or Antwerp for the order that you mention.

I see that you say that Jaques Meidron of Dieppe, with two English ships, bought rye here 4 or 5 months ago for 33 florins a last, for which they are at present willingly paying 43 florins a last. This kind of merchandise goes up and down according to the demand that there is for it at the time when someone [wants] it. I shall buy wheat, you say, at 57 florins a last. It costs at present 67 florins, according to [Page 3] the quality. I loaded at that time a ship for Southampton to the account of Megil Crueg and Hans Bernart, and it cost me 32 for rye and 52 for wheat, of the best. So if you consider this, one does not have to make a valuation in buying wheat and rye, but whether you intend to buy 60 lasts or 600 lasts it is all one, because the rule in buying is, when the ship has arrived here safely in port to take on her cargo, then buy for whatever it costs in the market. You tell me to draw the money here, a third on Hamburg, a third on Antwerp, and a third on Holland. The order is very ood, but Danzig is very small. The market here is not like in London and Antwerp etc. I see you tell me to send two ships of 60 tons to load it for Le Havre or Dieppe in France. The order that you placed will be performed, and I see the price that a boisseau cost there, which is well. I see that this measure is between 98 and 100 to a last. I am most gractful to you for your kindness in offering a third or a half share in the said rye. I do not refuse it. Time will tell us what is to be, and I see that the cargo has to be two-thirds of rye and one third of wheat, and you wish to be notified. You can place the order for it, which I shall carry out as you ordain. I see that you tell me not to run so much risk. I believe it is so, but he who insures, endures, and as for my letter under reply in March, and in other parts, I shall notify you, God willing, and I see that you have good friends in Dieppe and Le Havre, which is well.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 79 - April - May - June - 1993, Page 14.

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