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Gallery » Danzig Report 84 - July, August, September 1994 » The Schleswig-Holstein at Danzig


Illustration Uk Adolf Hitler speakc in the DarizigArtushof on 19 September 1939. in lieu of making a triumphal entry into Warsaw. which is still being stubborn4’ defended by the Poles. William L Shirer rejxrted that the Führer was in a very bad state of mind, substituting a predominate,fv German town for a capitulated foreign capital. A portion of his speech is reproduced below.

H.L.Mencken wrote in 1919 that “the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the public alarmed

(and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins.” From what we have seen of our history from 1919 on, this very pattern has resulted in the taking root and expansion of the National Socialist (NSDAP) movement. Adolf Hitler’s ego demanded a decisive victory over the Polish nation within days of the 1 September invasion. His Artushof speech contained these words:

Tuesday, September 19, 1939
I tried to find a solution. Isubmilted proposals orally to those in power in Poland at that time. They knew these proposals - they were more than moderate. I do not know in what state of mind the Polish Government could have been to reject such proposals. You know the developments of those days in August. IBelieve it would have been possible to avoid war were it not for the British guarantee and the incitement of these apostles of war. As you know, I have ordered our air force most strictly to limit themselves only to military objectives. But our opponents in the East and West must not take advantage of this. In future, we shall take an eye for an eye, and for every bomb, we shall answer with five bombs. We have seen that in England this co-operation between Germany and Russia has been regarded as a crime. To these Western outbursts, I give this answer: Russia remains what she is, namely, Bolshevik, and Germany remains what she is, namely, National Socialist But neither the Russian nor the German Government wants to be drawn into war in the interests of the Western Democracies.
Germanys political aims are limited. We shall come to an understanding with Russia about this, as she is the nearest neighbor whom this affects. We shall never go to war about this, because German aspirat ions are limited. England ought really to welcome an agreement between Germany and Russia, because such an agreemnet sets at rest England
.c fears of unlimited German expansion.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 84 - July - August - Sept - 1994, Page 13.

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