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Gallery » Danzig Report 96 - July, August, September 1997 » DIENSTMARKEN - A FURTHER STUDY


Plate 1 Has characteristics of Plates 2 or 3.
Plate 2 The main plate characteristics of Plate 2 are shown / in the sketch at the right. There is a notch in the D at about the two-o’clock position in Fields 1, 21, 31, 46 or 86. OR, the left leg of the M has a notched foot, in Fields 5 or 45. Kniep asks whether anyone can find this anomaly in other locations.
Plate 3 The main plate characteristic of Plate 3 is the downward shifting of the overprint cliche of the first three of the ten DM overprints. The fulcrum probably is a cliche nail. The drawing below is a representation of this Zelinerklischee:

Fields 4 thai 10 are printed slightly higher than the first 3 and remain horizontal. This phenomenon is also blamed for causing the flattening of both legs of some Ms at the bottom. (See das unten abgeschnittene DM below.)


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 96 - July - August - September - 1997, Page 5.

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