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Gallery » Luposta Nr. 1 / November 1931 » Exhibition conditions for the Luposta

International Air-Post-Exhibition.
Danzig 21. - 31. Juli 1932.
Luposta Danzig - Nr. 1 / November 1931.

Exhibition conditions for the 'Luposta 1932'.

19.  Members of the jury can only exhibit their collections without competition.
20. The Jury will make a protocol about her activity and prove the distribution of the distintions.
21.  The exhibited collections will be judged according to the terms of reference of the league.
22.  The following distinctions will come to distribution;
-  Golden Medals.
-  Silvergilded Medals.
-  Silver Medals.
-  Bronze Medals.
-  Diplomas.
Certificates will be given to the receiver of distinctions.
23.  Prizes can be given to the receiver of distinctions.
24.  Founded prizes will be procured by the Direction of the Exhibition.
25.  If there should arise any points in dispute the Direction of the Exhibition reserve to come to a decision under exclusion of the law, for the rest only the tribunal of Danzig will be competent.
26.  Every exhibitor submits to the aforesaid conditions of the exhibition with his notification.

We request to demand forms of notification from the Direction of the Exhibition. The classification, set up according to new terms of reference, will be published in part 2.

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