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Gallery » Danzig Report 106 - 2000 » Conditions in Nazi Germany during the 1930s

It Originated in Germany in 1933...

Figure 1 - WHW or WlnterhUfswerk wasn’t printed on the first stamps desgnated for the charity but was adjacent to the stamp in this combination of A 12/512/A12, which Is M1.# S168 (4.12.33).

was adopted by postal authorities in 1934.
Figure 2 -The first Wtntethtlfswerk charIty stamps were Issued on 15 January, 1934, requirIng black overprints on exsting Danng delinitlves. They were MIcheI 237, 238 and 239, printed over #193xD (red-orange shades). #194xD (green to dark green), #214x (orange-red to red).

The world had just been plunged into a devastating economic Depression prior to the establishm ent of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich”. Possibly Germany’s darkest hours were in the winter of 1933- 34. which gave the Nazi regime an opportunity to appear charitable while indocrinaung the people in the recuon of National Socialism. After all, 6,000,000 people. almost all of them men. became unemployed. The situation presented the new regime with an opporlunily. Hiiler’s aim was to display his government as a benevolent guardian of the public. On one Sunday every year. members of all the Nazi orgarnzations were required to join with a massive street collection of money. They were Joined by popular stars of the stage and screen, who accepted change in metal containers and gave out lapel pins in return. Extra pressure was put upon most Jewish store owners for a disproportional contribution. The Nazi party’s newspaper, Iidkswker Reobarkger (The Racial Observer), tabulated rewrns and reported them in their weekly editions’ headlines.

Conditions in Nazi Germany during the 1930s
While the United States and other of its allies struggled with recovery, the Nazi government seemed to accomplish the impossible. and this was the mail) reason that Hitler could control the loyalty of the, at least until 1939. (See the roads, bridges and buildings issue of 1936, Mi. #634-642).

Outwardly. the vast public works projects that were illustrated on these stamps. appeared to


Danzig Report  Nr. 106 - January - February - March - 2000, Page 3.

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