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Crossing the Holzm,trkt e reach the Kohicntnarkt where ve see the Western facade ni the Armotiry and also the City Theatre built by tite citizens ¡n I798 1801.

Streets ni modern houses have been erected on the levelled ground ni the former iortifications. FoIIoving one ni these, the 1 )ominikswall, to tite South we reach tite Trinity (‘hurcit and the iormcr Franciscan Monastery. The Western gables are very une. Adjoining tue (lmrcliis one of tite best preserved ancient ..Kanzel” — or balcony hOUSeS, a sort ((f teneineitt house where a stair case iront the street ascends to tite entrances t,ui the balc iii y a ht ,ve. ‘rite ¡(Irme r m ut as te ry is now tite I inuit enl tite iii tic Ii a pprecia ted (liv M ti se ttnt and I >jct it re (;aiiery and (O St. John’s College.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 36.

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