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Gallery » Danzig Report 47 - April, May, June 1985 » Two blocks away is the Marienkirche


Wreckage of the long dock showing the Sternwarte, astonomicl observatory, dome still standing but with the main building roofless and severely damaged. It was a fine Renaissance building erected in 1598 and belonged to the Natural Science Union from 1743—1945. Adjoining to the right is the Frauentor (Gate of our Lady; see arrow) at the foot of the Frauengasse. Two blocks away is the Marienkirche.

Color postal card depicting the Sternwarte and old houses along the familiar Langebrücke. Reconstructed buildings as they looked in 1965.

Reconst ructed buildings as they looked in 1965.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 47 - April - May - June - 1985, Page 4.

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