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The symbol of Danzig, the Krantor, was a gate between two circular towers, built about 1443. The center portion of the “Crane Gate” is a corn granary, and the crane was used to lift grain from ships and barges. The card below shows the block and fall hoist used for this purpose. The Zoppot adapted 24.12.41 circular cancel has the “Freie Stadt” removed. The illustration itself is a beautiful full—colored photograph, showing fine detail.

This Max card is in black and white and contains Mi.No. 264 on its face. The stamp first appeared in a set for the Winter hilfswerk on 25 November 1936 and were valid until 31.5.37. The favor cancel is Langfuhr 3 dated 12.12.36. Note that there is a cornice at the top of the building on the left of the Krantor that doesn’t show up as a line on the photo below.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 47 - April - May - June - 1985, Page 5.

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