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Gallery » Danzig Report 75 - April, May, June 1992 » A Year of Crisis — 1935


A Year of Crisis — 1935

We await your reply as to how you intend to proceed. Replies should be made either in writing or orally before 18th August 1935, giving your intended place of residence.

Information from the Senate of the Free City of Danzig for those citizens of Danzig entitled to public assistance who are transferring to Germany.

1. The special emergency in the Free City of Danzig demands that those citizens of Danzig entitled to public assistance be transferred to Germany. Anyone who remains in Danzig without very particular reasons for doing so is damaging the interests of Danzig and of those residents who are compelled to remain here. Emigration to Germany, however, is not only in the interests of the Free City but also in the interests of those entitled to public assistance; anyone who remains in Danzig does so at his own risk - there can be no guarantee that payments for public assistance will continue to be made in Danzig. No one should, therefore, allow himself to be persuaded to remain in Danzig by those either ill-informed or of malicious intent.

2. The Senate of the Free City of Danzig is doing everything possible to ease the burden of emigration and has committed itself to the following:

a. The payment of public assistance in Reichsmarks at the level which was obtained before the revaluation of the Danzig Gulden, i.e.: 123.- Gulden to 100 Reichsmarks, on condition that the emigration is effected before 31st December 1935.

b. An allowance for rail travel by express train (up to a limit of 1000 km. for the return journey) for the purpose of any journey required to find accommodation for the person entitled to public assistance himself, or for a member of his family.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 75 - April - May - June - 1992, Page 8.

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