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A year of Crisis — 1935

c. An allowance for rail travel by express train for the removal itself (up to a limit of 500 km.), for all members of the family and, if necessary, for any domestic servants who have been in employment with the family for many years.

d. An appropriate sum to assist with removal expenses, the precise amount to be ascertained from the relevant official (cf: Senate circular of 17th July 1935 —PZ12150) if the emigration takes place before 30th September 1935. The only documentation required is proof that the removal has actually been completed. Other evidence of costs actually incurred is not required. In exceptional cases, removal costs will also be granted where the person entitled to public assistance produces a rent agreement concluded in Germany before 1st October 1935, and where the removal takes place immediately after 1st October.

e. A rebate of rents for up to 3 months if, even after applying the ordinance of 19 June 1935 (Regulation 728), no resolution of the liability to pay rent in Danzig is possible before the time of removal. In the case of a person entitled to public assistance emigrating before the end of September and not being able to give notice before 31st December 1935, compensation will be granted for September, or for half of September.

3. Anyone without sufficient means to pay the travel costs will receive, from his local authority in Danzig, on request, a voucher for Norddeutscher LLoyd in Danzig. This provides tickets for the German section of the journey; i.e. from Marienburg or from Gross—Boschpol, no payment of money being required. This provision applies both to the journey for the purpose of finding accommodation and to the removal itself.

The person entitled to public assistance is therefore liable only for the relatively small cost of the journey from Danzig to Marienburg, or to Gross-Boschpol. These costs will also be allowed on application after removal, provided the maximum permitted distance (500 km. in one direction) is not exceeded.

Where the person entitled to public assistance does not emigrate, he must bear the costs of the journey to find accommodation himself; any payments made by the local authority will be deducted from his assistance payments.

Journeys made to find accommodation to rent should not be undertaken lightly; they are permissible where there is a reasonable expectation of finding suitable quarters.
If the journey is made via Gross—Boschpol, the costs of the Polish visas may also be granted.

4. Those persons unable to make advance payments demanded by the carrier before the removal and those who wish to free themselves from the responsibility of paying the carrier, may request the carrier in writing to submit his account to his local authority in Danzig for payment. Any


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 75 - April - May - June - 1992, Page 9.

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