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Danzig, 16 January, Anno 1732

Schirmer & Martens, Danzig, to Angiolini & Frangini, Florence
16 January 1732
Messrs Angiolini & Frangini per Florence
Danzig, 16 January Anno 1732

Particularly honored Sirs,
Since our latest letter of the ninth of this month. to which we briefly refer, we have received your welcome letter of 18 December of last year, instead of the 8th above-mentioned, and it was not rec eived until the 11th of the same. This has happened, presumably, because of the present time of the year, as the posts do not, as formerly, arrive punctually. In reply, we must inform you that we are glad to hear of the dispatch of the doths which we requested, divided up into two cases. numbered 3 and 4, and may the All-Highest help us to get them safely! We hope that some colors will please us better as regards quality than in the samples, among which some were rather weak and not firm in the hand. However, if they keep their proper weight as it is noted in the account, they will still be good. As for the calculations about them, the same are in agreement, namely:

Total for case No. 3, of Scudi 1496:14:2
and for Case No.4 1586:4:7
Total Scudi 3082:18:9 Cash

which sum reckoned at 5-1/4 Lire to the Piece [of Eight] amounts to 3753:2:10 Pieces of Eight. Draw via Livorno, on our account with Messrs Paulus & Thomas Heegher in Amsterdam, and please be as diligent as possible in stipulating for the exchange rate to our best advantage. In the month last past of December, there was a draft for our account in Livorno via Amsterdam. in Pieces [of Eight]. Now, at present, it is being remitted from this place at 88, instead of 88-1/2 days as formerly. You need not doubt that you will find opportunities to effectuate the above drafts at 89 to 89-1/2 days for Pieces, and not by any chance to have it provided for in Livorno with a surcharge, which none of our other good friends in your country (for the sake of continuity) have ever done to us. To the contrary, be so kind as firmly to ensure alL expenses for the honoring of it, and its proper payment when it falls due, in detail, when notice of it is given to Messrs Heegher by the first post after it comes into effect.

Awaiting your pleasure in this place, after hearty greetings, most willing to serve you, most honored Sirs.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 85 - October - November - December - 1994, Page 14.

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