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Symbols of the Times

Early in the war (2.10.39), the Danzig stamp dealer, Hollz & Giebeler, sent this letter to Holland, franking it with allegorically designed stamps celebrating Danzig’s return to
the Reich. The 6 Pfg. Marienkirche and 12 Pfg. Krantor designs contained (surpriese!) no charity surcharge. The special cancels offer ‘Triumphant Greetings to our Führer
and Liberator, Adolf Hitler”, on his triumphal entry and speech at the Artushof. This cancel was in use on this cover a full week before the event. Such is the usage of postal propaganda. A second special propaganda cancel for use in Danzig was the familiar “Our Führer has liberated Us, 1 Sept.1939”, with the Nazi eagle and swastika in the design.

This cover was censored (see tape on back and official rubber-stamped seals on each side, after being sent to Kanigsburg).


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 85 - October - November - December - 1994, Page 17.

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