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Crossing i3reitgasse. the I )ominikaiicrpiatz and passing tite Market—I lall. we reach the Katharinenkircite. St. (‘atlicrine’s Church, built between I 250—14(H). It con tains sonic fine wood carving, and tite tower a carillon ni .37 bells. tipoit w hicit hymns are played at the hours.

In tite l-lansapiatz near by lies the l)anzig State Archive which contains MSS. and documents from the earliest period dowit to tite present. illustrative of tite historic development of tli (‘ity. The City Library finds a vortItv home in another block of titis triangular plot, tite entrance being at tite Jakobstor. The beginning of tite collection dates from about 141.3. There are more than 3000 MSS. and a tremendous quantity of material and separate letters. ‘[lie Library is tite custodian of tite rieti history of the City as lar as tite printed word records history,


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 34.

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