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Gallery » Danzig Report 2 - April 1975 » THE EARLY POSTAGE DUE STAMPS


Confusion exists in all catalogs as to the proper cataloging of the second issue. Scott makes no pretense of trying to list watermark variations. On the other hand, Michel endeavors to catalogue the watermark varieties as well as noting the fact that this issue comes without underprint, and also noting that two items catalogued as 22X and 23X exist only imperforate and come from printed-to-order material. This is not correct as 23X exists perforated although it is quite rare. It was found that these issues exist with both vertical and horizontal watermark webbing. Figure 5. The top four values of the second issue also exist imperforate.

The third issue can be lumped as the overprinted issues on the previous issues.
Until recently one value of this issue was thought to be an essay (1000 on 100 mk, it has since been determined that it was prepared for use but (lue to the devaluation of the Danzig mark the denomination of 1000 mk was no longer useful for postage; printing of this value was there fore discontinued after a very short run. Figure 6.

The remainder of the issue is divided into two types of overprints, dull amd glossy. The top value 100,000 on 20 mks. is not known with the dull overprint. The entire issue, except the 1000 rnk., is known imperforate.

In spite of the limited numbers issued, the overprint plates were broken down and re—assembled several times as necessity required. As a result, varieties of the overprint appear in various positions. For example, a variety, damaged I in 100,000 on 20 mk., in the early setting was found at position 48, and variety short-third-line of overprint at position 50. Later in the new setting these varieties appear respectively as positions 42 and 47. Figures 7 and 8.


Danzig Report   Nr. 2 - April - 1975, Page 7.

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