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G.P.S. – Germany Philatelic Society

Germany Philatelic Society: with various study groups such as: Bavaria – Bohemia – Buildings – Colonies – Danzig – Early Empire – GDR – HOPs – Inflation – Luftpost – Notopfer – Plebs – Stadtpost and Tirth Reich

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Any person of good character interested in philately may become a member. Application for membership shall be in writing. The fiscal and membership year shall commence September 1. If an application is not accepted, the accompanying fees and dues shall be refunded. Notice of application for membership shall be published in the German Postal Specialist. The Board of Directors shall act upon applications for membership no earlier than 30 days after publication. SCHEDULE OF DUES All applicants for membership must forward the dues in U.S. Funds only. No foreign checks accepted unless drawn against a U.S. Bank. (Check or Money Order payable to Germany Philatelic Society, Inc.) with their application per the following schedule: