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Der Führer knew, even before 1939, that Germany’s navy was no match against the modern navies of the world, during the post-World war I era. As the Allies began setting up the convoy system to counteract the U-boat menace in 1916, the underseas tactic almost, but not quite gave Germany the victory. Below is a chart listing monthly shipping losses from U-boat action in World War II, and the Monthly numbers of German U-boats lost, sunk, or captured due to Allied action.

Convoy 0.N.S.2---sets out. In the major turning point of the Battle of the Atlantic, the convoy lost 13 of 42 ships, but 5 of the 51 attacking U-boats in the wolf pack were sunk. Additionally, two U-boats were sunk by combat aircraft. By 1943, there was a total of 444,680 tons of ships & cargo, with the loss of 15 IT-boats. In May, 1943, Doenitz ordered all of the Atlantic U-boats to concentrate in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. During that month, was recorded the highest loss of merchant shipping in the war—58 British ships —. In spite of this high rate of Allied shipping sunk, the loss of U-boats increased at an alarming rate, changing Kriegsmarine minds to un-think the battle cry: “VICTORY IS--JUST AROUND THE CORNER—. THE U-BOATS can do it Tough Luck Hitler, they were wrong! See article on Page 6 of this DR-160, showing the New York Times, Page 1 snd its headline of 9/4, 1940.

Allied use of anti-submarine technology and better air coverage for convoys, by radar and longer-range bombers, plus President Roosevelt’s swap of 50 Destroyers for British bases in the Atlantic, moved the Wa?s advantage over to the Allies. The U.S. & Brits could now patrol even the once-’ Safe for enemy subs, center of the Atlantic’. Several U-boats had been sunk, .AFTER the ENIGMA CODES AND MACHINES WERE SALVAGED. Allied seamen braved Boobie Traps left on board & wired and programmed if the disabled sub was boarded, after lying dead on the water. The U.S. production overwhelmed the Nazis, who relied on the U-boats to win the war, and duction reduce the U-boat menace and forced the Nazis to re-think their old hope that U-boats alone were all that is needed, but, in spite of sinking almost 1,200,000 tons of shipping during the last 2 years, Victory eluded Germany as Britain learned to re-think their control of the U-boat menace, which almost brought Britain to her knees Nearly all countries suffered and struggled to face another two years of world war.


Danzig Report  Nr. 160 - 2nd Quarter 2013, Page 10.

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